Invoice Template for Actors

As a freelancer, you’ll often need to invoice (generate paperwork asking to be paid).

For longer acting jobs, you’ll be added to the theatre’s payroll, and receive a bank transfer each week. For shorter jobs, especially one day rehearsed readings, you’ll be asked to submit an invoice. Here’s a template that contains all the information you need; remember to delete the comments I’ve inserted:

Invoice Template for Actors

If you’re emailing over an invoice for a job, write it to PDF if you can. A Word file can easily be altered or interfered with; a PDF file cannot be altered easily.

On a Mac, saving a document as a PDF is easy; just go to ‘Save As’ and select ‘PDF’ from the drop-down menu of formats. On a PC, you’ll need to download a bit of free software to convert documents to PDFs – PrimoPDF is great.

This Week I’ve Been…

Watching Magnus Betner at the Comedy Cafe, just off Shoreditch High Street. The Swedish stand-up was over here for about a week, promoting his work and looking to pick up gigs with bigger venues like the Soho.

The Comedy Cafe from under the railway arches

Reading a collection of Modern British Short Stories, edited by Malcolm Bradbury. Absolutely wonderful – lovely to revisit writers I already know and love, and equally lovely to get a taste of writers I haven’t got around to yet. It’s packed with the greats – JG Ballard, Angela Carter, Salman Rushdie, John Fowles… A perfectly formed package of the British canon. Food for the imagination.

About Canny Actors

Canny Actors offers tips and advice for actors. Whether you’re still at drama school, a young actor, or an actor returning after a break, this site will offer bite-sized pieces of practical advice to boost your career.
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